Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"mini" ~ Vacation!!!

We are in the swing of school right now, but before we hit the books we took a little vacation to Minnesota. We stayed at grandpa and grandma's house and enjoyed fishing, boating, swimming and relaxation at their beautiful lake home.

I just thought this picture of Noah and Hannah was cute. It is actually taken before we even left on our vacation.

Here is Rachel with her first fish that she has ever caught!!!

The fish were biting so fast that all the kids would have a fish at the same time! It sure kept grandma busy taking off the fish and replacing the worms!

We had a few tangles! Just like in life! Rachel and Nick's fish decided to "fight" and got tangled together.

We also enjoyed a trip to the Science Museum and Omni Theatre in Minneapolis. There were a lot of "hands on" activities for the kids to try. Like riding a bike to see how much energy it takes to light up some light bulbs, or play a radio, or get a fan to blow.

Here, Rachel is sitting on a big hand that has "owies". When I saw this hand, I couldn't help to think about how big God's hands are, and how he can hold each one of us and the universe!

Here we are at a Twins & Yankees game. Noah is helping himself to popcorn. (what a pig). Twins went into double overtime innings and lost:( Benji, our little Yankee fan, was pretty happy. Although, when Twins were ahead, he did start cheering and dancing for the Twins!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This blog is dedicated to our Hannah Banana. She is gone for the week at church camp. Every night, even though she isn't here, I still set a place for her at the table.... and then I miss her! So, COME HOME SAFE HANNAH~!!!

This is the first time she's been away from home this long. She is way into Nebraska and cell phone reception isn't very good... so we can't even say "hi" to her. What torture!!

Hannah likes music, friends, instant messenging, sleeping, painting her nails, shopping and sports. It is fun to watch our children grow and change! She is 13 years old!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Time Fun!

Welcome to the Crutchfield Familiy News Blog

This is my very first Blog Post, so it might take me a while to get the hang of how this works!

These pictures are of our first tent camping experience! Our children are growing up fast and we wanted to make some memories!

We enjoyed swimming in the lake, walking through the woods, and playing on the playground.

But, I think the family bonding happened the most when we all went to bed in the tent and no one could get to sleep! First, the boy's side of the tent caved in... then later the girl's side caved in. They were just so wiggly that they would accidently kick the poles down!! Then, we had a couple of air mattresses that went flat:( .... and, of course, a 3am potty break which involves taking a walk outside to get there. Then the wind picked up and I was worried the tent would totally cave in...... even though it was a sleepless night, I think we had fun being miserable together:) I think we might even try it again sometime!

Here we are, cooking on the fire. I didn't pack the camping stove, or the grill, because I knew there were fire pits, but I didn't realize there was no grate to put over the pits.... so we threw our food into the fire. Nothing tastes better than camping food!